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Safety Vests

At BRW Safety and Supply, we pay primary importance to client satisfaction and design safety equipments that provide good protection in any kind of situations. We adhere to the highest industry standards and norms to design safety wear so as to ensure full-proof protection. Along with the other safety equipments and tools, we offer safety vest.

Safety vests are jackets in bright neon color with an accompanying reflective tape that reflect light. The main purpose of these vests is to maximize visibility and thereby reduce the chances of fatality in zones of construction and high traffic. Often construction workers are at risk of being injured since on-coming traffic fail to recognize them. By wearing these bright vests, the possibilities of accident are reduced. The use of these vests has been extended to media personnel traveling on federal highways. Cyclists and joggers can also opt for these vests to minimize the chances of facing accidents on roads.

Safety vests play an important role in providing effective visibility to individuals in areas that are not well lit, or are accident prone. At BRW Safety and Supply, we sell safety vests of high quality at affordable price.

High Visibility
SKU # : 1195
Price : $15.90
High Visibility Safety Vest
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Price : $27.80
Safety Vest
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Price : $23.50
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